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A.E.G.I.S. - Combining Robot Strategy Game' is a tactics game where players use teams of five combining robots to face off against each other in combat. There are over 60 different robots in five different Classes (Assault, Evasive, Guard, Intel, Support), and finding the right strategy and combos are the keys to victory! It's designed to be more accessible than your average tactics game, with the same huge depth of strategy. Quick to play, easy to learn and with infinite possibilities, newcomers to the strategy game scene and wargaming veterans alike love this game, and you will too! It's Pokemon meets Power Rangers meets Advance Wars!


What Makes A.E.G.I.S Special?

A.E.G.I.S. is the world’s best combining robot tabletop game! Using themes from all your favorite giant mecha shows, it takes elements from popular tabletop wargames and streamlines them to make a game with the same depth of strategy without the high learning curve, distance measuring and long play times. Players can put together any team of five robots out of the dozens available to suit their play style and go right into combat!

The Five Classes:

There are 5 Classes of robot in A.E.G.I.S.
A - Assault: Get up close and personal to melee your opponents.
E - Evasive: Cover long distances, dodge incoming attacks and attack multiple enemies.
G - Guard: Withstand all manner of attacks, protect allies and return fire with heavy weaponry.
I - Intel: Counter opponents’ strategies and stop them in their tracks.
S - Support: Assist the rest of the team with repairs, boosts and long-range weapons.
Each Class has its own way of playing and interacting with other bots, and you can make a team out of any five of them for an infinite amount of possible strategies!

Resource Management:

Your robots share energy with each other. Each robot on your team produces energy, and energy is the resource your robots use for moving and attacking. Different Classes and robots produce and utilize energy differently, so team synergy is the key!


Your smaller robots are strong by themselves, but they are most powerful when they combine into bigger robots! You can merge two or more of your robots together mid-battle to change up your strategy and gain greater power. With the right team you can even combine all five together into one!


  • Fast-paced, deep and fun wargame action!
  • Resource management, each robot on your team shares energy with each other, so moving and attacking with one will limits what the rest of your team can do during your turn.
  • Team building with 5 different classes allows for endless Team Combinations.
  • Robots can combine into larger more powerful robots, straight from your favorite anime and Sentai series.


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Awards & Recognition

  • ""Category Runner Up "" MassDiGi Game Challenge 2013

Selected Articles

  • "The thing is, tactics games that aren’t on the computer tend to cost enormous amounts of money, require ridiculous amounts of time, and generally are closed off to all but the most invested players. [...] Without dumbing down the gameplay, A.E.G.I.S. provides a simple to pick up battle system that’s fast to play through. Our first game with it took about 30-40 minutes start to finish, including pauses for explanations of the rules."
    - Pioneer Valley Nerd Watch August 29, 2016, https://valleynerdwatch.com
  • "Combat in AEGIS is easy to learn and based on a simple energy allocation system, but its tactics are rich and difficult to master, just as any good combat strategy game should be. [...] All in all, I really enjoyed AEGIS for what it is; a great, strategic, little, robot combat game with a cool anime, combining-bot feel."
    - Carmen Bellaire, Designer, Robotech RPG Tactics on May 17, 2016, http://zephyrworkshop.com
  • "...the game play is very intriguing, even more so once the learning curve has been crested. There were some game sessions I played where games would have very close victories, and the board was immediately set-up for another round. The combat draws you in and doesn’t let you go, and there’s enough variety in team building to prevent gameplay from ever becoming stale. A.E.G.I.S: Combining Robot Strategy Game is a fun, quick-playing game that requires little set-up and can be customized for complexity as needed. "
    - Brandon Bobal, TechRaptr on March 16, 2016, http://techraptor.net
  • "The game was amazing. I highly recommend. Its short and fun and intense. It reminded me of playing advance wars. And has all the fun of warhammer 40k but without taking 4 hours. Takes about an hour.""
    - Sohum Raut (AU),
  • "Great fun once I crested the learning curve. I enjoyed using position-modifying skills on my own units to surprise my opponent. I was worried about how difficult a theoretical comeback would be, but despite a hefty advantage I still only won by the skin of my teeth. The game was very fun and I would definitely play a more expanded version."
    - Peter Jorgensen (AU),
  • "Was fun, would play again. More dudes please."
    - Shaun Milligan (AU),
  • "Every action you take, from moving, combining, attacking, and certain special abilities, uses energy. This, combined with a simple, dice-based combat system, makes for an easy-to-learn, fast-paced game. The closest thing I can compare this to is the Monsterpocalypse Voltron Game, though A.E.G.I.S. is a lot easier to get into."
    - Posted by Robert C Kalajian Jr on June 16, 2015, http://purplepawn.com

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Zephyr Workshop is a game development company based in Worcester, Massachusetts founded by entrepreneurs who create strategy tabletop and digital games around genres we love. We work hard to bring you the best experiences, in fully realized and unique worlds and themes. We break the mold of “traditional” game genres by creating affordable, deeply strategic games, with fully realized worlds and characters after our favorite themes and hobbies.

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A.E.G.I.S the Combining Robot Strategy Game Credits

Breeze Grigas
Lead Designer and Artist

Sarah Como

Jesse Clark
Lead Developer

Ryan Richford
Designer, Boulder

Zach Kettell
Developer, Web Manager, Content Designer

Michael Epstein

Emily Hancock

Maung Thuta

Daniel Olsen

Kenny Howell
Graphic Design

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